Battle Creek Field of Flight

June 29 - July 4 2017

Billy Werth "Grayout" Aerosports in the "Miss America" Pitts S2C

Billy Werth Billy Werth Growing up in an Air Force family, Billy has been around some sort of airplane his whole life. He started flying in 1988 and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Professional Aviation Technology from Indiana State University in 1994. In 1992, he started teaching aerobatics and has been hooked ever since. In 1997, he graduated from Undergraturate Pilot Training and started flying the KC-135R for the Air ForceReserves. He was hired by Chautauqua Airlines in 2001 and is now a Captain on the Embraer 145, based in Indianapolis. Billy has over 6000 hours of flight time in 20 different aircraft, with 600 of it teaching folks how to fly upside down.

Billy's performance in his Pitts S2C aircraft is a thrill show that you will not soon forget. He will take the agile biplane, dubbed "Miss America", and kickstart a performance that will leave you on the edge of your seat from the very beginning. Don't miss it July 1 - 4 only at the Field of Flight in Battle Creek!