Battle Creek Field of Flight

June 29 - July 4 2017

Kent Pietsch as Chuck Dramamine in the "Jelly Belly" Interstate Cadet Comedy Act

Kent Pietsch as Chuck Dramamine in the Hold on to your hats! Chuck Dramamine just recently escaped from the penitentiary and he is going to interrupt our airshow. Flying in a plane he constructed in prison (hence the reason it literally will start to fall apart before your eyes) and entering our airspace while another performer is in the sky, Chuck will try his best not to crash his plane.

Of course, Chuck is really Kent Pietsch and the act is just one of the most hilarious comedy acts on the airshow circuit! The act is complete with hilarious dialouge, some crazy bad flying, wing tip dragging, props and more! You truly will not want to miss this act flown in the "Jelly Belly" Interstate Cadet.

Kent Pietsch will perform his comedy act July 1 - 4 at the Field of Flight.