Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival

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Bob Carlton - Vertigo Airshows: Jet Super Salto Sailplane

Beauty has become the Beast! Bob Carlton returns to Battle Creek after appearing here in 2012. He will take to the skies in a plane that was meant to be powerless, but has become very powerful. We, of course, are talking about Vertigo Airshows’ Jet Super Salto Sailplane.

Bob Carlton Airshow InnovatorThe Pilot: Bob Carlton is an experienced, professional and versatile pilot. He began flying at the age of 19 in 1979. Since then, he has logged over 2000 hours in a wide variety of aircraft (including hang gliders, airplanes, helicopters and sailplanes) and he holds a commercial pilot certificate. Bob began performing airshows in 1993 and has since flown numerous different acts all over the globe. Over his years in the airshow industry, Bob has flown numerous acts and created many innovative ones including Starduster Biplane aerobatics, the World’s First Helicopter-Sailplane Tow, night aerobatics with strobes & pyro and the world’s first and only twin jet sailplane. The innovation didn’t stop there though. As a retired rocket scientist for a major national laboratory, you can see why he comes up with so many great ideas. Bob presently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife Laurie and their two dogs, Elsa & Cinco.

Bob Carlton and the Jet Super Salto SailplaneThe Plane: Bob’s Jet Super Salto Plane is the world’s most powerful self-launching jet sailplane. The aircraft is powered by a PBS TJ-100 jet engine (military-grade with 225 pounds of thrust). The aircraft is capable of self-launching and climbs to altitude without a tow-plane. From there, the aircraft can fly like a normal sailplane. After the altitude and airspeed are spent by the aircraft, it doesn’t have to land. Nope, Bob just spools up the jet engine and away the aircraft goes again. 

Bob Carlton Vertigo Airshows

The Act: Bob’s performance in the Jet Super Salto is one that fans will never forget. First, the engine will spool up on the sailplane as he launches from the ground. Then he’ll climb to altitude and begin a classic sailplane aerial ballet filled with graceful maneuvers and a great, classical soundtrack. As he spends up the altitude, he spools up the jet engine, the soundtrack changes to some fast-paced music and the low-level jet aerobatics part of the act begins (complete with that famous smoke system once again). No other sailplane or pilot in the world today is capable of performing an act such as this one.

So don’t miss Bob Carlton in the Jet Super Salto at this year’s Field of Flight Air Show.

Also, don’t miss our Night “PYRO” Air Show as Bob Carlton takes to the skies in the Super Salto for a night flight that no one will ever forget. See our tentative schedule of events for more information.


Applebee’s Battle Creek Wall featuring the BC Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival - Photo by Lisa Burns

“A special Thank you to Applebee’s in Battle Creek for featuring the BC Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival on their wall!  What an amazing job and tributeThank you for the support!


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