Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival

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G&M Airshows featuring Greg Shetterly in the One Design

Greg Shetterly G&M AirshowsGreg Shetterly will be making his Battle Creek debut this year. He will be flying a unique high-performance home-built monoplane in a performance that will capture everyone’s attention.

About Greg: Greg grew up with an interest in aviation after listening to stories his grandfather told of high-flying adventures. He would spend countless hours at his local airport, standing at the boundary fence, just watching planes. Eventually his dreams became a reality and he began flying at the age of 15. Since then, Greg has become a very experienced pilot with over 18,000 hours of flight time in over 90 different models of aircraft, all accumulated over 39 years of airline, corporate, instructing and private flying. Greg is rated in nine different types of jets, holds an ATP (Airline Transport Certificate) and is certified to instruct in single engine planes, multi-engine planes, seaplanes & gliders. Keeping it in the family, Greg also taught his wife (Micki) and his two sons (Jeff & Joe) how to fly as well. Today, all three of them are flight instructors and aerobatic pilots. Micki often flies her Citabria in to shows as a support aircraft. Jeff & Micki both serve as Greg’s Safety Crew and Announcers.

Greg Shetterly in the DR-107 One Design

About the Plane: “As a Vietnam Veteran, Greg offers a special thanks to all military veterans and to those who currently serve and their families who serve with them”. Following that salute and his patriotism, Greg’s One Design is painted red, white and blue. The One Design is a single seat aerobatic monoplane that was specifically designed for aerobatics (recreational and competition). The DR-107 came about when monoplanes began to take over aerobatic competition, but at a large cost to pilots. Dan Rihn decided to design a new aircraft to create a new class for the IAC (International Aerobatic Club). From there, the One Design was born. An aircraft that the pilot could build at a low cost and fly aerobatics in. The DR-107 One Design soon began proving itself with its high horsepower engine, their extremely fast roll rates as well as the ability to sustain very high G-loads

Greg Shetterly AerobaticsThe Performance: Greg Shetterly will perform a very loud and growly solo performance in the One Design and pull upwards and downwards of positive and negative 10 g’s. His performance will provide a “platform for patriotism, and big dreams of young boys and girls. Dreams, that one day become reality for many aspiring pilots and astronauts.”

Greg and Micki would like to encourage all with the dream of flight to pursue it with all their heart. They are proud supporters of the EAA’s Young Eagle program and they, along with us at the Field of Flight, encourage those within the age group to go experience flight through that program.

Don’t miss Greg Shetterly’s AMAZING performance in an AMAZING aircraft



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