Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival

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Kyle Franklin - Dracula: The Rise of Vacul

Kyle Franklin will return to Battle Creek this year for his first appearance since 2005. The last time Kyle performed here, he was a wing-walker atop his late father’s (Jimmy Franklin) Jet WACO. This year, he’ll perform in his new aircraft that just made it’s industry debut in 2013.

About the Pilot: Kyle Franklin
“Some people follow in the footsteps of their parents, some blaze a new trail – Kyle Franklin has done both. For nearly 50 years, the Franklin family name has been synonymous with creative, Kyle Franklintheme-based airshows that pack the grand stands and bring the crowds to their feet.” Being the son of Jimmy Franklin, Kyle grew up around the airshow industry and quickly fell in love with it. He grew up around some of the industry’s best performers and aircraft. As a child, Kyle had few limits, spending time riding BMX bikes and skateboarding. At age 13, he really got into motorcycles and even decided that a DeLorean needs a flamethrower and smoke system to be “truly cool”. At age 8, he began learning to fly in the Super Cub. Kyle’s legendary father Jimmy set an example for his son-“hard work, creativity, business sense, passion, and a commitment to the fans would be the standard that Kyle would have to meet and exceed”. It was through this, and at the young age of 10, that Kyle realized an airshow act had to be unique and a performer has to constantly be innovating. Kyle mastered wing-walking as the world’s first jet wing-walker and was a part of the industry’s only Father & Son Wing-walking team. Kyle mastered the Comedy Routine he and his father put on as well as the motorcycle to airplane transfer. He even flew the Jet WACO. Following his father’s tragic death in 2005 and the loss of the Jet WACO, Kyle returned to performing in the Super Cub Comedy act, which helped establish him as an innovative performer and captured the attention of everyone the industry over. In 2009, Kyle debuted a new act in “Pirated Skies” which went on to gain massive attention as one of the most innovative wing-walking acts of all time. Between the amazing theatrical storyline & themeing, the act went on to be one of the best acts in the industry. But the innovation didn’t end there.

About the Plane: Demon-1 “Dracula”
Demon-1, also known as “Dracula” is an aircraft originally conceived by Jimmy Franklin. It is an extremely modified WACO biplane that harkens back to the days of classic air racers. The aircraft, while it sounds like a warbird biplane, performs like a Pitts aerobatic aircraft in a dramatic display. It Demon-1 Dracula flown by Kyle Franklinis one of the most powerful aircraft on the circuit today and definitely took aerobatic performance to the next level when the aircraft debuted in 2013 in New Smyrna Beach, Florida after years of construction. “Dracula combines the crowd pleasing lines of the iconic Waco Mystery Ship with modern aerodynamics and systems, resulting in a smaller, lighter, significantly more maneuverable and powerful airplane.” The airplane was even designed in secrecy and wasn’t seen until the ICAS Convention in December 2012.

About the Act:
Dracula: The Rise of Vacul” has quickly become one of the most sought after acts on the airshow circuit. With a dramatic storyline, terrific soundtrack and one of the most unique planes on the circuit, this innovative act sets the bar for the future. We couldn’t think of a better way to describe the act than the actual act description seen on Kyle’s website:

“In the dark days of ages past, like-minded men of evil genius gathered to bring to this earth a creature. From the mists emerges an apparition never beheld by mortals – a creature whose power and strength will strike terror in the living hearts of all who behold it. From the depths of mad genius – from both sides of mortality – arising from a heap of forsaken souls - behold the creature Dracula!

Dracula: The Rise of VaculWatch closely as the creature rises from the earth – like the bats who transformed into beasts, no longer afraid of daytime skies, Dracula ascends into the heavens that rejected his soul. Commanded by his great master Vacul, the creature claws his way skyward – the engine roaring like the furnaces of hell, the propeller screaming like a wild beast – always climbing higher and higher to seek out and destroy weaker prey.”

Don’t miss Kyle Franklin’s performance in “Dracula” at this year’s Field of Flight.


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Applebee’s Battle Creek Wall featuring the BC Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival - Photo by Lisa Burns

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