2015 Battle Creek Field of Flight

Air Show and Balloon Festival

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Center Stage Acts


Coming to the Battle Creek Field of Flight as part of the Epic Promotions Tour (EPT) is the popular Canadian Pop/Rock band "Take Me To The Pilot". This Manitoba based band has been making a huge splash in North America, and now they will be making a stop to perform in Battle Creek on July 1st.

Take Me To The Pilot Band on Center StageEver since their first EP release "What Makes You"Take Me To The Pilot has become a hit band on the music scene. Shortly after touring Canada and finishing up their first US tour in 2013, band members Mike Bilenki, Adam Brown, Eric Grabowecky & Jonathan James returned to writing music that would define the band's identity.

What resulted was the big hit single "What They Ask For" (produced by the Rezza Brothers). Instead of shooting for an album release though, the band elected to release multiple singles over the next few years, reflecting the changing landscape of the music industry. Each single, just like the ones that came before, co-written and co-produced by leading industry veterans. There is no denying that this pop/rock band has established themselves in the music industry and will continue to grow as they tour the world.

When it comes down to it, as band member Mike Bilenki states, "More than anything, we love to play live". So don't miss their hit music that is sweeping the continent along with their live concert at this year's Field of Flight on July 1st.


Gabe Kubanda on Center StageAcousting Indie Pop Star Gabe Kubanda will be making a stop in Battle Creek for the Field of Flight on July 1st as part of the Epic Promotions Tour (EPT).

This Arizona based indie star certainly knows music and everyone will enjoy his live acoustic performanceGabe is a talented singer/songwriter/musician that just has a love for music. As he continues to perfect his craft, it is no doubt that he is a major player heading for the big leagues. Whether it's a heart felt song that he wrote or a popular song that he is covering, everyone will surely enjoy his talent and stage presence.

Make sure you look for his sophomore album "FlowFailPrevail", which will be released in March 2015.


In 2008, three musicians met on Craigslist and began recording their first EP "The Secret". Since then, the band, which became known as "Halocene" opened for platinum selling artists Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy.....all without a label or management. This business-driven band will be stopping in Battle Creek to perform as part of the Epic Promotions Tour (EPT) on July 1st during the Field of Flight Air Show & Balloon Festival.

Halocene Band on Center StageComing to us form Phoenix, Arizona, Halocene is a band consisting of members Addie Nicole, Cash Hart, Brad Amick, Austin Amick & Justin Polizzi. This Pop/Rock/Barbie Metal band plans to "make it loud" in Battle Creek prior to our weekend air show. Besides opening for platinum selling artists, the band has released numerous albums including 2011's "Can You Hear Us Now?" which features the hit song "Sometimes". That one lead single launched the band into internet stardom along with numerous of their covers. This lead to the band going out on their own US Tours.

In 2014, they released their album "Make It Loud", an album that spans multiple genres but features lyrics that are personal and close to the heart.

Their concerts prove to be a fun and enjoyable time for everyone involved. With amazing talent, hard work and perseverance, this Halocene gives it all they have and just love performing. Don't miss Halocene at this year's Field of Flight on July 1st.


Returning to Battle Creek after a few year's absence is one of the most popular bands in the Battle Creek area...THE EDGE! This time, they're bringing a new vocalist along, the amazing Jackie King. Festival goers may recognize The Edge, a band that has appeared here numerous times INCLUDING the time they were our "Happy Hour" act opening for the Huge Double Concert in 2004 that featured Eddie Money and The Grand Funk Railroad.

The Edge began in 1980 as a five piece rock band and has evolved into a ten piece rhythm and blues ensemble. This version of the band includes:The Edge Featuring Vocalist Jackie King on Center Stage

  • Jackie King lead vocalist
  • Jim Oliver acoustic guitarist
  • Kjell Croce rhythm guitarist
  • Bob Wentworth lead guitarist
  • Andy Merrild bass guitarist
  • Bill Wentworth saxophonist
  • Jay Wentworth trumpeter
  • Brian Borders trombonist
  • Jeff Dallavalle keyboardist
  • Ron Taylor drummer

The band has performed on and off at the balloon championship for many years as well as the at the Battle Creek World’s Largest Breakfast Table, the Albion Festival of the Forks and the Marshall Blues Festival

So make sure you catch THE EDGE Featuring Jackie King on July 2nd!


Post 530 and Ted Nugent Guitarist Verne Wagoner on Center StageOn July 4th, Center Stage will come alive with a LIVE CONCERT by popular band POST530!

Former Ted Nugent & DC Hawks guitarist Verne Wagoner fronts the band alongside the FAMOUS guitar he played as lead guitarist for Ted Nugent in fast paced years as a rock performerVerne, along with singer, bassist and keyboard player Larry DePaoli, singer and guitarist Dean Frantz and Drummer Robert Ramos perform a concert that is different than the typical rock band sound. What you get instead will be a completely unique, high energy classic rock and blues show that is unparalleled anywhere else in the world. This high energy twist will surely get spectators dancing in the grass and singing along with some favorite tunes, all with a little POST530 twist. The experience is something that will not want to be missed.

So make sure you grab a seat and see POST530 in concert on the 4th of July!