Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival

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RV Camping Rules

Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show & Balloon Festival

Camping Dates:  July 2 – July 6, 2014

 1.     One RV and one automobile are permitted per site.

 2.     Because of limited space, guests must pay and park in the general parking lots.

 3.     A maximum speed limit of 5 M.P.H. will be strictly enforced.

 4.     Pets must be on a leash and please clean up after your pet.  PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE FESTIVAL MIDWAY OR GROUNDS

 5.     Dumpsters will be provided for your garbage/trash and we will provide portajons.

 6.     No gray water on ground - Order of Health Department.

 7.     NO GROUND FIRES - Order of Fire Department.  Should you bring a grill, all coals must be completely extinguished!  DO NOT leave warm coals unattended before leaving your site or going to bed.  NO GRILLS PERMITTED ON THE FESTIVAL MIDWAY, GROUNDS OR GENERAL PARKING AREAS. 

 8.     Please be considerate of other campers.  Distracting noises from radios, TV’s, generators or guests will not be tolerated after 11:00 pm.  Parties should also be kept at a controlled sound level during this time.

 9.     If you plan to extend your visit, you must sign up at the RV Headquarters Office by 8:00 am.

10.    If you wish to have sanitation service, arrangements can be made at the RV Headquarters Office.  There is a fee for each pumping.

11.   We will have BESCO five (5) gallon water jugs available for purchase.  This water is purified and is for filling your water tanks.  The cost for each jug is $3.00If you would like to purchase the five (5) gallon jugs, PLEASE pre-order the total number you think you will need from The RV committee, upon your arrival.  The RV Committee will help transport these jugs to your RV site.  Deliveries will be determined based on the number of requests we receive.

12.    Daily check-in is from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm.  Check out is 8:30 am.

13.    Absolutely NO fireworks are permitted in the campground area.

14.    Absolutely NO golf carts, 4 wheelers, bicycles, etc., allowed in campgrounds or on event grounds.  If you have a handicapped person with you, who will need assistance, simply notify the RV Parking Committee.

15.    RV sites are available for arrival on Wednesday, July 2 (9 am) through Sunday, July 6 with departure being Monday, July 7 (8:30 am).

16.    When requesting locations together the following will apply (i.e.): All RV awnings will face out to the North. Note: Letters indicate the “ROW” ~ ~ Numbers indicate the “LOTS” - Refer to your RV MAP!

17.   There are absolutely no guarantees that you will receive the spot location of your choice.  However, we will do everything possible to accommodate your request or get you close to your choice.

18.    Absolutely NO ALCOHOLIC beverages can be brought onto the Festival Grounds.  Beer and Wine Coolers will be sold at our Beverage Tents.

19.    Group reservations will be guaranteed until June 1, 2014.  

20.    Should you have to cancel your reservation, a letter must reach our office no later than June 15th for a complete refund.  There will be NO REFUNDS AFTER JUNE 15, 2014.

21.    The RV Camping fees are $25.00 (Wednesday, July 2 & Thursday, July 3); $30.00 (Friday, July 4, Saturday, July 5, and Sunday, July 6) per overnight stay, as well as, RV Campers attending just for the day will also be charged $30.00Absolutely no reservations will be accepted for day parking.

22.    The RV Lot will stand alone with no general spectator traffic; however, we do not provide security, so be sure to lock ALL vehicles on your site.

23.    Anyone in violation of any or all of the above rules could be asked to leave the premises and forfeit all monies paid.

24.    Quiet generators may be used at all times.  However, generators causing excess noise may have to be shut down at 11:00 pm; UNLESS you have a doctor’s note reflecting medical issues!

25.    At this time, we are holding prime real estate to accommodate 100 RV’S .

26.    Anyone without a handicap license plate must have their handicap tag displayed & visible at ALL times!


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Applebee’s Battle Creek Wall featuring the BC Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival - Photo by Lisa Burns

“A special Thank you to Applebee’s in Battle Creek for featuring the BC Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival on their wall!  What an amazing job and tributeThank you for the support!

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