Battle Creek Field of Flight

June 28 - July 4

Phillips 66 Aerostars (July 3 & July 4)

Phillips 66 AerostarsThe Phillips 66 Aerostars will be returning to Battle Creek for the first time since 2013. The last time they appeared here, they were flying 3 Yak-52TW's. This year, they will be flying FOUR Extra 300s. The Phillips 66 Aerostars are an Illinois based aerobatic team that flies a terrific formation aerobatic performance. The show is filled with formation maneuvers, solo maneuvers and head-on, breathtaking opposing passes. The Aerostars fly a unique show that you won't want to miss. They'll perform July 3rd-4th at the Field of Flight.


  • Aerostars Lead is Harvey Meek, a very experienced former military pilot. Meek has flown a wide variety of aircraft, from light sport aircraft, to the F/A-18 Hornet, to the mammoth 747. Presently, he flies for a major international airline.
  • Aerostars Left Wing is Paul Hornick. Paul Hornick has flown aircraft from the Piper Cub to Airbus A300 (in which he is type rated in). Paul is also type rated in the Gulfstream G200. Presently Paul flies for the airlines in addition to serving as a flight instructor.
  • Aerostars Right Wing is David Monroe, a Minneapolis native that grew up in an airline family. Dave is presently a B-767 Captain for a major airline, is also a Certified Flight Instructor as well as being very experienced in the world of aerobatics (Certified Aerobatic Judge & Advanced Aerobatic Competition Pilot).
  • Aerostars Slot & Solo is Gerry Molodor.