Battle Creek Field of Flight

July 3 - 7, 2019

Susan Dacy in the Super Stearman "Big Red" (June 30 & July 1)

SUSAN DACY IN THE SUPER STEARMANWe welcome Susan Dacy to the Field of Flight, returning after her debut here in 2016. She'll be roaring into our skies with a Golden Age Salute to Barnstorming performance in her Super Stearman known as "Big Red". Susan Dacy is one of only a few females performing airshows in a biplane, and is the only woman flying exhibition in the Super Stearman. Wanting to fly all of her life, and working at her family's airport in Harvard, Illinois, Susan began working on her Stearman project. At the age of 16, she learned to fly in a Piper Cub. After graduating from Southern Illinois University, she pursued flying jobs throughout the country. She has amassed more than 28,000 hours of flight time in more than 60 different types of aircraft.

Finally, her Stearman was ready. "Big Red" started life as a World War II trainer for young naval aviators. Originally powered by a 220 horsepower engine, "Big Red" is now outfitted with a powerful Pratt & Whitney 450 horsepower, supercharged engine. This plane is designed for barnstormin', classic style aerobatics and is "at home" both right side up and upside down.
So don't miss your chance to step back in time as Susan Dacy puts her 450 horsepower, Super Stearman, "Big Red", through its paces with a dazzling display of barrel rolls, slow rolls, Cuban eights, hammerhead turns, loops and much more, in a style reminiscent of the barnstorming era of flying. Barnstorming will be recreated right here in Battle Creek on June 30 - July 1