Battle Creek Field of Flight

June 30 - July 4, 2021

Patrick McAlee "ExtremeFlight" "Blue Demon" Pitts S1SS

Patrick McAlee Hold on to your hats! Patrick McAlee is returning to Battle Creek. The name of his company is "Extreme Flight" and you will find out why within seconds of him taking to the sky.

While Patrick may be newer to the world of aerobatics, he is extremely experienced in aviation. He grew up in an aviation family and was exposed to flying at the age of 5 and aerobatics at the age of 7. He worked so hard wanting to become a pilot that he started saving for his first plane at the age of 12 and took on two aviation jobs at the age of 16 and was mentored in the aerobatics and air show world by legends such as Sean D. Tucker, Skip Stewart, Debbie Rihn-Harvey, Billy Werth (one of our performers this year) and Greg Koontz. It was only natural, at this point, for Patrick to break into the air show industry. And that he did. Since beginning to fly aerobatics 7 years ago and beginning to perform in airshows 4 years ago, Patrick has becoming a rising star and has traveled all over the U.S

Patrick flies an amazing "to the max!" performance in the "Blue Demon", a highly modified Pitts S1SS biplane. He executes maneuvers to a choreographed music playlist; all while practicing precision, professionalism and safety. During his 15 minute routine, Patrick will experience G-Forces in excess of 8.5 positive G's over 65 times. Now THAT is what we call EXTREME!

Patrick would like to invite you all out to the show and encourage everyone, young and old, to follow their dreams. His mantra is simple: "HOLDING ON TIGHT! HOLDING ONTO THE CONTROLS AND GO FOR IT"

Don't miss Patrick McAlee's amazing performance in the "Blue Demon" Pitts S1SS.