Battle Creek Field of Flight

July 3 - 7, 2019

The Class of '45 - TOP GUNS OF WWII (June 30 & July 1)

The Class of '45 - TOP GUNS OF WWllBack in October of 2013, Jim Tobul & Scott Yoak, pilots of the "Korean War Hero" and "Quick Silver" respectively, were discussing the Heritage & Legacy Flights of the US Air Force & Navy. They soon began discussing doing a formation flight of their own to honor the service personnel who flew and maintained these legendary American fighters! Both aircraft were the pinnacle of military technology at the time, technology that helped win the war in the European and Pacific Theaters in World War II, and went on to continue to defend our freedom in the Korean War.

Both the "Korean War Hero" F4U Corsair & the P-51 "Quick Silver" were built in 1945. Now, the "Class of '45" showcases these TOP GUN Aircraft of World War II in an amazing aerial salute! Both Jim Tobul & Scott Yoak are major in the Warbird movement today, thanks to their late fathers Joe Tobul & Bill Yoak, whom made huge marks in the Warbird movement. The passion the two had rubbed off on Jim & Scott and that passion has turned into the showcase of two of the greatest fighters ever made to defend our nation.

The Class of '45's mission is to preserve and honor the service of the American military men and women, both then and now. Seeing these legendary machines in flight, we remember their service, their contributions, and our obligation to never let their sacrifices be in vain. As the thunder of their engines fade into the distance, remember that freedom is not free and liberty is everyone's responsibility to preserve. Don't miss these two AMAZINGLY restored TOP GUN Warbirds of World War II in flight on June 30th & July 1st!