Battle Creek Field of Flight

June 30 - July 4, 2021

Michael Vaknin in the Extra 300L

Michael Vaknin Extra 300LMichael’s passion for flight started at the age of 18, as a paratrooper, and later as an airborne instructor. In his 4 years of service, Michael has performed hundreds of static line jumps, sky-dives from C-130's, DC-3's and more.

Passion for aviation led Michael to take flying lessons and earn his commercial pilot and flight instructor certificates. Instructing at local flight schools Michael logged hundreds of hours helping new pilots achieve their goals in aviation. The affair with aerobatics started immediately after earning the private pilot certificate, a short ride in a ZLIN Z-242 and Mike was hooked.

Today, Michael is an active IAC Competitor and an ICAS member, performing at air shows around the Country.Michael’s style brings precision, speed, head dazzling Gyroscopic and high G maneuvers to airshow center. To maintain proficiency during the contest and air show seasons, he flies twice a day, five days a week.   

Michael is currently employed as a professional pilot flying business jets when not flying inverted at air shows!