2021 Battle Creek Field of Flight June 30 - July 5, 2021

2020 FIELD of FLIGHT Cancelled

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TYPO - July 1

TYPOTYPO is a group of five talented musicians who have been long time friends. With musical careers spanning more than 25 years each, TYPO's members have played in several local and regional bands. Yet through their many experiences, they return to join forces, bringing together expertise in several genres of music.  

Playing a variety of hits from the 1950s to today, TYPO plays only easily recognizable songs that audiences love to sing and dance to. Known as a "cover band", TYPO plays country, rock, soul, pop, and dance music to satisfy most any musical taste. Their set list includes songs from old favorites such as Journey, Foreigner, and The Doobie Brothers, and carries on right through to today's music from the likes of Maroon 5, Taio Cruz, and Bruno Mars.  

You'll be singing and dancing the night away with TYPO! The band also utilizes state-of-the-art lighting and audio electronics to help enhance your experience! This is a fun concert and show that you will not want to miss!  

Band Members:
-Jeff Greene (Lead Vocals)
-Ron Smith (Lead Guitar, Vocals)
-Scott Schroeder (Bass Guitar, Vocals)
-Mike Breitbach (Drums, Vocals)

Website: http://www.typolive.com 
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/typolive