Battle Creek Field of Flight

June 30 - July 4, 2021


Handicap Parking Free Shuttle - Photo by Paul LondonHandicap Parking with Handicap Sticker or License Plate: Upon entrance to the Parking Lots located off HELMER ROAD, please advise Parking Volunteers that you or someone in the vehicle is handicapped. The Parking Committee will direct you to the designated Handicap Parking Area. We have a Free Shuttle Service that will run back and forth from the Handicap Parking area to the main gate.

Parking Committee Volunteers - Photo by Paul LondonPlease remember we are on grass but we do have runways and taxiways that we can use to be mobile on. However, should anyone need any assistance or walking is a burden, simply let the Parking Committee know that you will need our "FREE HANDICAP SHUTTLE SERVICE," and they will call the Handicap Shuttle Service Committee for you.

When handicap guests are ready to return to their vehicle, simply go to one of the Beverage Tents, back to the Main Entrance or flag down any volunteer on a golf cart and they will call the Handicap Shuttle Service.
**Please understand, due to Covid-19, we are limited as to what we are allowed to do, so the Shuttle Service this year will only be for our Handicap Guests. Thank you for understanding. 

There will also be wheelchair accessible port-a-jons on the event grounds.



THURSDAY, JULY 1 3:30 PM – 11:00 PM ALL

FRIDAY, JULY 2 9:00 AM – 10:30 PM ALL


SUNDAY, JULY 4 11 AM – 11:00 PM ALL

We have a free Shuttle Service that will transport handicap people from their Vehicle parked in our lots, Sponsor Parking Lot Signs, Handicap Parking, etc., to the event grounds.  Please note:  These are a four passenger carts and only one family per trip will be permitted.  We also have a Vendor that rents handicap carts that are permissible to have on the event grounds.  

In the parking lot located off Helmer Road, there will be Company/Sponsor Signs.  Spectators should be sure to write down or take a picture of the Sign you are closest to.  

The Parking Lot off Helmer Road, with Denso Gate #17 and JB Whiskey Grill Gate #16, will be divided in to four sections.  The Company/Sponsor Signs will be in these sections and a minimum of four (4) Different Colored Flags will be in place; please remember that Yellow Flags are for Handicap Parking and not part of the four (4) that will be in the sections.  These Flags are for the Parking Committee to better direct the Shuttle Team to the location of where they have spectators needing a ride and this will be a designated area for pick up and drop off.   

Spectators arriving and in need of a Shuttle should alert a member of the Parking Committee (they will be wearing an Orange or Yellow Vest and have a Radio).  The Parking Committee will direct you to first park and point you to the nearest entrance to the event grounds or Shuttle Service Pick up.

The Parking Lot located off South Airport Road is called BLUFISH and also has Shuttle Service.  Simply tell the Parking Committee Volunteer with a Vest and Radio that you will need Shuttle and they will call for the Shuttle Service and direct you to the proper waiting area.

Any Spectators wishing for a ride back to their vehicle area, at the conclusion of the event, will proceed out the Main Entrance or King Jewelry Gate to the Shuttle Service Waiting Signs.